It’s a few years now since I first had the pleasure of reading The Golf Letter. It came unannounced through the post, and I was immediately taken by its layout and also some of its quirky contents. I wondered who is this man who is so interested in the game of golf that he should produce this newsletter, covering not only events in the United States but, through a network of ‘golfing disciplines’, spreading the golfing word from the four corners of the globe?
Long may you continue your independent voice, bringing golfing points of view to our notice, praising many but also, on occasion, ‘slapping a wrist’ that needs to be slapped.

Peter Alliss

Your Golf Letter is a wonderful read. Your perspectives are clear and on the mark. You’ve not lost the hop in your heater!

David B. Fay
New York, New York

Congratulations on reaching a milestone! I look forward to many more years of The Golf Letter. Your letter is the only golf publication that I am excited to receive and share with my friends and family. My goal now is to stay at the “Top Ten” and play all the great courses you recommend! Thank you for all your support.

Davis Love, III
Sea Island, Georgia

Congratulations on your Centennial Celebration. Keep hitting it straight.

Dave Anderson

Congratulations on the 300th issue of The Golf Letter. I have been a subscriber since its inception. Your knowledge and coverage of the golf world speaks for itself. What has always impressed me is the quality of the writing and the insightfulness of the stories. It is certainly a number of notches above the norm. I sincerely feel that The Golf Letter does a great service to its readers and to the game.

Stephen Bartolin, Jr
The Broadmoor

Gary Galyean’s Golf Letter is the best bang for the buck in golf. His love for the game comes through in every article in this rare and positive publication.

Thomas G. Cousins
Atlanta, Georgia

Gary Galyean may be the only writer who understands how this whole golf thing fits together. I’ve known him for more than 30 years, and he gets it. His dog hunts.

Sam Snead
(1912 – 2002)

Congratulations on the 200th issue! I have enjoyed reading your publication for the past seven years or more and find it very informative. I especially enjoy your use of the English language (shades of Bernard Darwin from time to time). Here’s to the next 200!!

Tony Jacklin

I enjoy reading The Golf Letter because I can read about events that are not generally covered in the other golf publications. I appreciate the objective comments on new courses and the references to Amateur Golf.

Sir Michael Bonallack
(1934 – 2023)

There is something to be said for a golf publication that doesn’t feature instruction. The Golf Letter conveys a measured sensibility, one that will strike the “you da’ man” crowd as alien. Amidst the barrage of high-performance equipment and (false) promises by competing corporations, this modest publication is a healthy reminder that we are still playing the same game today as Old Tom Morris and Harry Vardon were playing a century ago. It is for people who think that a foursome taking four hours to play a round of golf is taking too much time. It is for people who don’t just decide to play “summer rules.” These are the same folks for whom The Masters wasn’t really over until Herbert Warren Wind’s lengthy overviews appeared in print.

Bradley S. Klein
“Discovering Donald Ross”

I look forward to every issue of The Golf Letter. You write in a straightforward, insightful manner and your analysis and recommendations are always dead on.

Ted Leonsis
America Online
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